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Happy Birthday to the best fiend in the whole world

I won't take a husband from his family tonight, but clear some day this week on your schedule for me! We're going somewhere sketchy!
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Bachelor party???
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Had a long boring meeting

drew some things!

my boyfriend is a cute panda )

Tsukishima is an evil t-rex )
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HEY ATOBE i have something that ballongs to you. ITS A SURPRISE

just kidding

its a guy that used to be a spiky bike thief

now hes a non spiky leggings ripper

if you ever want to see YOUR Momoshiro AGAIN then you better



yOU BETTER POST A PICTURE OF YOUR FACE. AND SEND A PIZZA or maybe just eat the pizza bc i really dont like pizza all THAT much unless maybe if it has spinach

hey momo anything you awanted to add?
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kiyo are you my boyfriend?

(ooc: He meant to text this. Needless to say, unsuccessful)

im a mess

Sep. 8th, 2015 02:40 pm
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So those of you that finished high school...was it an important experience for you? Do you think that you learned anything special by getting your diploma?

Im wondering if I should finish my high school degree online. I dont know what it will do for me in this stage of my life but...I dont want my nephew to feel like its okay for him to quit after middle school like hes been saying recently. I dont want to sound like a hypocrite when I tell him that he should at least finish high school.

...But it might be too soon to tell on that one, hes only 8!

Tour schedule is coming up!! as nervous as i am excited.
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WE'RE GONNA GO ALL NIGHT! IF YOU WANNA COME (doesn't have to be all night though it TOTALLY CAN BE) GET YOUR BUM TO AGEHA AND SAY MY NAME AT THE DOOR FOR A FREE DRINKS STAMP! No cover either, everything is on me!

kill me

Aug. 21st, 2015 12:40 am
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Most embarrassing thing ever happened today

I was hanging around the apartment cus I had the morning off. Mostly I just listened to music and hung out with Boo Boo, but when I got a call from Yoh I was ont he toilet. I don't give a fuck because its Yoh so I picked up. Hadn't heard from him anyway since hes out in Niigata visiting his family.

So I answer and we chat. He asks what I'm doing and I tell him that I'm taking a shit.

...It turned out that he put me on speaker with his entire extended family. And they're all laughing. Before I hung up, I heard his grandmother say ganbatte.

...At least it wasn't facetime?
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Just wanted to tell you that you're the best here too

(ooc: Was on hiatus T_T Pretend this was on time? Kamio made him a delightfully cheesy birthday card and rented an indoor court so their next match could have air conditioning!)
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1. First day of School? My sister dumped cereal on my head
2. First Friendship? Shinji!
3. First Love? music
4. First Kiss? Ponyo the Camel
5. First Relationship? Does three weeks count as a relationship?
6. First Pet? Goldfish I caught at a festival
7. First Concert? Elementary schoo jamboree
8. First trip to the Emergency Room? I stuck a bean in my ear and didn't tell my mom for a month
9. First Vacation? to see my grandparents in Tochigi
10. First Job? delivery boy

11: First thing you did when you woke up this morning? turn off my alarm
12: First time you were REALLY scared in life? I was scared to tell my mom that I put a bean in my ear
13: First food you think of when you think of “YUM!?” SPINACH. Or boiled dinner
14: First person you call every day or most days? Shinji, or my sister/Mom

15: What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? my cousin dared me to drink mouthwash, but I got sick way before i got drunk
16: Who was the FIRST person to text you today? My sister
17: Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? Kiyosumi-san! I was thinking about our boxing training
18: What was your FIRST sport played? track and field
19: Where was your FIRST sleep over? My cousin's house
20: What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?

21: First Time You Masturbated? My cousin told me to use a sock. But I wasn't sure what to use it for so I put the sock on it and laid down on my bed. Nothing happened.
22: First Blowjob? In a bathroom at my former coworker's house
23: First Handjob? In the bathroom at a club
24: First Time You Had Sex? At a concert, but kind of out of the way in a hallway. I don't remember much about it, but the popcorn stand nearby was closing up and gave us leftovers for free. She put it in her bra.
25: First Time You Had Sex Outside? Yoyogi park around 2am
26: First Time You Had Sex In A Car? back of a police car
27: First Kinky Thing You Have Ever Done? I let my 3 week boyfriend handcuff me to a chair in his office. he got an important call and never came back. It was an interesting walk back. I still have that chair in my mother's house

28: If you Comment you must complete these questions and repost them on your journal/blog!
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Happy Birthday, Momoshiro!

The other day my bandmate forced me to go to a really fancy dinner party with business people. It was pretty hard because we had nothing in common. I mean I tried to ask about stuff that most everyone has in common, but somehow it always went back to finance and stocks. Mostly I nodded. And then I accidentally ate a table decoration. Lots of respect for keeping up with Atobe-san!

I'll take you out to lunch somewhere really normal when you get back.


Jul. 9th, 2015 10:02 pm
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oh no you didnt 209 )

This has been a rant
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So my sister gave me this computer game a couple months ago. After I told her about what happened she told me that I better start playing it for practice.

I don't know how useful this practice was... )

San believes in my strength and I think that maybe someday I can try again
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I went on a date with my friend's friends little sister...

we went to a nice restaurant but the waiter was flirting with her!! then there was a spider in my water. the waiter asked if I wanted a new water but I said no and drank it in front of him to show my dominance

she said maybe we should be friends?? but I didn't set myself on fire this time so it went pretty okay!!!







i dunno maybe Kippei-san could pull off a dress, he is kippeisan

I made pickled daikon

(ooc: he meant to strike the last bit but...NOPE)
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Forgot the word "fan" in an interview. Said ceiling windmill. ?!?!

At least I have some nice new sheets to sleep it off in, thanks Atobe-san!

feeling better shinji??????

kippei-san playdate with teh boys and Tobu-kun????

Private to Shinji )
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Got my butt kicked today.

Shake it the fuck off )

tl;dr I failed at having a proper night out. Dance party take 2!! If you wanna DANCE, come to Ageha and say RHYTHM at the door for free entry.
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A squid can be a tasty meal for someone! )
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I was home most of the day today, which is never good. Because I was super bored, I remembered a thing that pervert Kirihara said about tentacle porn. I'm a very curious and scientific person so I decided to google it. Turns out, tentacle porn dates as far back as 1814 with the Hokusai image The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. And well, I did also find some...normal isn't the right word, but I found the thing that I googled. And it was free. So I uh...watched it.

I'm very confused right now.

1. How do those girls even survive?! That doesn't even look possible. Gravity doesn't work that way. Sex doesn't work that way. Skin doesn't work that way. It's all just totally wrong.

2. Where does this squid octopus weird tentacle monster come from? And why doesn't it want other weird tentacle monsters? Have all of the other ones died out?

3. Is it a lady tentacle or a male tentacle?

4. Even if it is a male, wouldn't it be ink coming out of the tentacles instead know. So even if the girls weren't killed by...yeah, they'd definitely suffer some kind of poisoning. Like getting fucked with a lead pencil.

5. If there is some underwater society of tentacle creatures, would the tentacle creatures be shunned for attraction to humans? Like what kind of environment does this thing come from to think it's okay to just rock up and rape. They need some kind of consent education. Fucking squids.

6. How does it know how to take off clothes? How does it know how the human body works?

7. Connected to 6. I mean, it might know the human body if it was experienced, but if tentacle monsters molested people before, wouldn't they be on the lookout for them. Nobody would be all surprised like OH NO THIS MONSTER WHAT??? They'd be like bitch, I saw you on the news, let me drop a building on your head.

8. I still don't entirely get the motivation. How does it only go after pretty girls? Would a tentacle monster really know the difference between old man and a young woman?

9. How old are these girls supposed to be? Actually don't answer that I'm skeeved out just thinking about it.

10. ...Is it really supposed to be hot? I'm just confused. And kind of terrified.

(ooc: Obviously that image is not safe for work)
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Had lots of fun at Ohtori-kun and Momoshiro-kun's pool party! I hadn't been swimming since the harbor in Hong Kong! Party games are lots of fun too, even if I did some strange thinsg. Atobe-san, I hope you liked the onigiri. But, errr, I have a feeling t hat Momoshiro-kun will probably be mad at me if you eat only that...


I guess this thing? idk what people would want to ask me, I pretty much say everything there is to say?

Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly in some fashion. Then in turn, you have to post this message in your own journal. Anonymous is enabled.
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After the longest, but most fun boat ride ever (Shinji is still the reigning champion of hide and seek), and a few days of hanging out in Osaka with everyone, finally back home. I picked up Boo Boo, I hugged my boys, and kissed my Mom.

And I got some nice revenge on the stupid jerkface who broke into my apartment. Right on his door.

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